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The bottom line is you have made a huge investment in your company as an owner or manager. You need to protect that investment and livelihood. We can help. If you have an questions about employment policies or practices, if you just received a letter from a government agency regarding an employee, or if you are being asked questions by an employee  and you just don’t know what to do – Call us! 
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ladyLast year we took a chance on the promises of a new company – HRLedger, with a new concept of combining payroll and benefits administration. Our company was in the midst of restructuring and had just outgrown the systems we were using. HR Ledger’s payroll system was able to accommodate our expansion by providing departmental accounting and job costing; and for the first time we have been able to show vacation accrual on our checks.

They uncovered a number of accuracy issues with our benefits carriers and were able to save us enough to virtually pay for their services.The people at HR Ledger have kept their promises, been very helpful and great to work with and I can highly recommend their services.
Rita Fox, ISU Stetson-Beemer Insurance

 Why use HR Ledger?
hand shake circleOur Pledge – We guarantee our work – including the cost of corrections.

Our Technology – Payroll is the genesis of all subsequent HR and Benefits transactions.

Our Personal Service – We’re here to help your business with one on one support!

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 Payroll  HR Help  Benefits
• State of the art systems
• Continually updated
• Not limited based on payroll size
• Accurate & Secure
• Easy to use solutions
• Access to HR Call Center
• Expert support & advice
• Included with services
• Directly integrated with payroll
• Convenience of benefits enrollment, management & data all in one place
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News – Update Your CA Labor Law Poster

lwbk - free to shareRequired Labor Law Postings Have Changed:

The State of California has experienced a number of recent mandatory posting changes.

Effective July 1st, 2014, California's minimum wage will increase to $9.00 an hour, and to $10.00 an hour on January 1st, 2016. Employers in California arerequired to display this notice in the workplace where all employees can viewit. The most current posting must always be displayed.

The California Whistleblower posting has been updated to reflect several newlabor law changes. Whistleblowers are now protected from any person actingon behalf of the employer. Additionally, an employee may not be retaliated against for updating personal information unless the update related to a job qualification. Now, an employer or any person acting on behalf of the employer may not retaliate by engaging in an unfair immigration-related practice, such as threatening to contact immigration authorities for the purpose of retaliation.

In addition, the Department of Industrial Relations has updated their Cal OSHA posting to reflect the transition to the new Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling and the corresponding laws. A new revision date has been added as well.

Why do I need Labor Law posters?

Labor Law posters are required by law. All employers with at least one employee are required to post the most up-to-date State and Federal labor law postings. To minimize risk of non-compliance, businesses are responsiblefor monitoring the current Federal and State specific labor law changes. Some poster providers offer a monitoring service that will automatically notify you of any relevant and mandatory changes and offer the most up-to-date posting for display.

Avoiding Fines and Penalties

It is the responsibility of all employers to remain compliant with labor law postings by displaying the latest, most up-to-date notices, to prevent penalties and risks of non-compliance. Failure to post up-to-date labor law postings can result in fines up to $17,000 per customer location (29 USC Sec.666(i) and 29 USC Sec. 2005).Update your California or other State Speciific Labor Law Posters with an Update Service!

HR Ledger, Inc. is a payroll and benefits administration outsourcing company dedicated to helping small to midsize employers manage their administrative tasks and remain compliant with all the continually changing laws and regulations.

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